Vezhsai Agreement

The document has been denounced as hegemonic around the world, particularly in the United States, which also had plans to access Iranian oil fields. June 2, 1921, formally denounced by the Majlis. The Anglo-Persian agreement included Great Britain and Persia and focused on the drilling rights of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. The “agreement” was awarded to the Persian government by the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Curzon, in August 1919. It was never ratified by the majlis (Iranian parliament). Louis XIV first visited the castle in 1651, at the age of twelve, on a hunting trip, but only returned occasionally until his marriage to Maria Theresa of Spain in 1660 and the death of Cardinal Mazarin in 1661, and he suddenly acquired a passion for the place. [9] He decided to transform, embellish and enlarge the castle, transforming it into a setting of tranquillity and large-scale entertainment. [10] In 2003, a new restoration initiative, the “Grand Versailles” project, was launched, which began with the replanting of gardens that had lost more than 10,000 trees during the passage of Hurricane Lothar on December 26, 1999. Part of the initiative, the restoration of the Hall of Mirrors, was completed in 2006. [44] Another major project was the further restoration of the backstage areas The Royal Opera of Versailles, which ended on April 9, 1957.

[45] 1? “Smart entrepreneur?Ecoplast – Makhnoza Kabirova ?Smart Sokhtmon – Jamoliddin Asoev… ? – Kirom Mukanna The marble courtyard and facades of the first castle, embellished by Louis Le Vau (1661-68), then Hardouin-Mansart in (1679-1681) A simple hunting shelter and later a small castle with a moat occupied the land until 1661, when the first works of expansion of the castle were carried out in palace for Louis XIV. In 1682, when the palace was large enough, the king relocated the entire royal court and the French government to Versailles. Some of the palace furniture at that time was built in solid silver, but in 1689, much of it was melted down to pay the cost of the war. The following rulers made mostly interiors to meet the demands of changing taste, although Louis XV built an opera house at the northern end of the north wing in 1770 for the marriage of the Dolphins and Marie Antoinette. The palace was also a place of historical importance. The Peace of Paris (1783) was signed at Versailles, the proclamation of the German Empire took place in the much-vaunted hall of mirrors, and the First World War was ended in the palace with the Treaty of Versailles, among many other events. ??????? ??????????????? ??? ??????????? 26900 ???? ???????????? ????. 2790 ???????????? ??? ????????? ???????????? ??????? ??????????. ???????? ??????? ????? ????????? ??? ?????? 39360 ???? ????????? ????????. (?????????????????????? ??????????????? ? ??? ????? ??????????? 1984 ?????? ??????????? ????????). The Mercury Show was the origin of the state of Bedchamber, when Louis XIV officially transferred the court and the government to the palace in 1682.

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