Get Me To The Mountain – Campaign Complete!



So my Iceland residency crowdfunding campaign officially closed on October 7th at 1am. The final amount raised was $3035! I am so happy and excited and endlessly grateful to all of you who supported me, both monetarily and by sharing and promoting my campaign, and just generally encouraging me! Big love to my wonderful Mum and Dad, and to Ash, for being so involved and excited for me all the time! Massive Thanks to Sarah, Annie and Julia for creating and maintaining the facebook event! I feel like I have a group of people who are genuinely interested in this adventure, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Below is a list of all my wonderful crowd-funders!!

Sarah Fletcher

Cher McGrath

Adam Rehn

Annie Johns

Heather McAllan

Simon Owler

Kathy Burbidge

Justin Miller

Samantha Fidge

Caitlin Lidae

Laura Hope

Marie Rachel

Rhiannon Pulford

Blake Canham-Bennett

Meghann Sunners

Emma Campbell

Christian Reynolds

Kiah Lanagan

Clare Mansfield

Aimee Knight

Melissa P

Michelle Hassam

Donna Evans

Des Fenoughty

Rachel Crowley

Bonniedel Kennedy

Jim Jonas

Clare Holmes

Hamish Fletcher

Felicity Hickman

Sam Chivers

Liam Esler

Dave Wilkinson

Bill Graham

Marie-Louise Pearson

Jodie Ferrys

Harald Lindemann

Jasmine Esots

Alison Young

Tegan Muller

Jim Groffen

Patrick Kreisfeld McCaul

Lisa Noll

Margot Strachan

Brent Leideritz

Vicki Ferguson

Eliza Bentley

Charmaine Fletcher

Greg & Sarah & Ashara Wood

Phelim Kelly

+ Those who did not publish their names publicly, you know who you are! :)