Hullo again from Japan! I thought I’d share a few pictures from my first day of exploring.

This is the area where I’m staying.


On my first full day (Wednesday) I decided to catch the subway into the main city area. The subway was surprisingly easy to navigate! I got off here, on the hunt for something in particular…


It was a cat cafe!! If you aren’t already aware, Japan has a number of these amazing things. It’s basically a room full of cats and cat things where you can have tea and coffee and play with cats. Pretty much the best.


This one, Moka, has bad allergies so she has to wear clothes all the time.


After I managed to tear myself away from the cats, I wandered down an interesting looking street and found an amazing network of alleys and arcades. This shop was particularly incredible. It was paper goods and art supplies. There was an entire wall of brushes!


And all the cards, envelopes, papers, notebooks you could ever possibly want.


There was also a lot of shrines which had their gates right in the arcades.


After more wandering I found the river. A man was flying this beautiful kite in the evening light.


I also saw this fantastic specimen. Maybe it’s from watching too much anime, but I always associate this kind of wire pole mess with Japan.


More adventures soon!

– Em

So! For my first post in ages: I’m in Japan! I’m here to make a short documentary film about Scott Groom, an SA scientist who is based in Kyoto studying bees. I’ll be here for 10 days, thought I’d try to bring you along for the ride. Apologies for the low quality phone photos, I just haven’t felt like being the huge-camera-tourist yet.

Ok so this entry is about travelling. Let’s start with an obligatory plane photo:


Followed by an obligatory Singapore airport koi pond photo. (Really big koi!!)


I had a stopover of about 9 hours in Singapore, so I pottered about a lot, had some delicious dinner:


And a really good massage (but it resulted in a serious case of “massage-chair-face”)


This is my first glimpse of Japan, flying in to Tokyo airport!


Was pretty wiped by the time I got to Tokyo and had another 8 hours to kill. Spent a lot of it napping on chairs. Had a good comfort meal of chicken soup, rice and iced chai.


Eventually it was time to fly to Osaka. This is Osaka airport, where I was picked up by a shuttle bus and delivered another two hours away at my AirBnB host’s home!


This is my comfy room! Complete with sliding doors and tatami mats and futon!


I’ll post more adventures soon!

– Emily



So my Iceland residency crowdfunding campaign officially closed on October 7th at 1am. The final amount raised was $3035! I am so happy and excited and endlessly grateful to all of you who supported me, both monetarily and by sharing and promoting my campaign, and just generally encouraging me! Big love to my wonderful Mum and Dad, and to Ash, for being so involved and excited for me all the time! Massive Thanks to Sarah, Annie and Julia for creating and maintaining the facebook event! I feel like I have a group of people who are genuinely interested in this adventure, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Below is a list of all my wonderful crowd-funders!!

Sarah Fletcher

Cher McGrath

Adam Rehn

Annie Johns

Heather McAllan

Simon Owler

Kathy Burbidge

Justin Miller

Samantha Fidge

Caitlin Lidae

Laura Hope

Marie Rachel

Rhiannon Pulford

Blake Canham-Bennett

Meghann Sunners

Emma Campbell

Christian Reynolds

Kiah Lanagan

Clare Mansfield

Aimee Knight

Melissa P

Michelle Hassam

Donna Evans

Des Fenoughty

Rachel Crowley

Bonniedel Kennedy

Jim Jonas

Clare Holmes

Hamish Fletcher

Felicity Hickman

Sam Chivers

Liam Esler

Dave Wilkinson

Bill Graham

Marie-Louise Pearson

Jodie Ferrys

Harald Lindemann

Jasmine Esots

Alison Young

Tegan Muller

Jim Groffen

Patrick Kreisfeld McCaul

Lisa Noll

Margot Strachan

Brent Leideritz

Vicki Ferguson

Eliza Bentley

Charmaine Fletcher

Greg & Sarah & Ashara Wood

Phelim Kelly

+ Those who did not publish their names publicly, you know who you are! :)


The target amount of $3000 was reached this afternoon! To celebrate, and prove my love to my crowd-funders, I will now make an idiot of myself in public. Enjoy.

NOTE: You can still pledge your support, you have until the end of Sunday the 6th of October to claim rewards! Any extra funds will be used to purchase new and better lenses and equipment, to make this film the best it can be!

Music: Champagne by Marco Raaphorst (CC)

Hullo All! There is still time to donate to my Pozible campaign and claim some rad rewards!! 18 days to go!
Also, here’s a look at some other stuff I’ve been doing the last few months!

– Emily xoxo

Music: Broke for free – Spellbound (CC)

WOW! Also, an Announcement!
So, the crowdfunding campaign to get me to Iceland has exceeded one third of its target amount, and is well on its way to half!! Massive thankyou to everyone who has supported me so far, and to all of you who have shared the link around!! Also, the final lineup for the residency has been announced!! I will be sharing the space with the following filmmakers:


RACHEL LIN WEAVER (united states)



YU ARAKI (japan)

TEMUJIN DORAN (united kingdom)

JAYNE AMARA ROSS (france/australia)

JOLENE MOK (china/hong kong)


There is also one Icelandic filmmaker yet to be announced!

I am so excited to meet everyone in December!!
Also, please consider pledging your support for my Pozible campaign, I would love to share this amazing journey with you. :)

Em xoxo

So…I have been offered a place in a 3 month Filmmaking Residency program in Skagaströnd, northern Iceland!
I have been wanting to undertake an overseas Art Residency for a long time, so for me this is an absolute dream-opportunity!
To help fund this residency, I will be launching a Pozible Crowdfunding Campaign called “Get Me To The Mountain!” Any donations are hugely appreciated, but even if you cannot contribute monetarily, any sharing/posting/reblogging/forwarding you can do will be a massive help!
Check out my Pozible Campaign at:

Title: Zyklus, A year in the life of Willunga Waldorf School

Type: Documentary

Running Time: 52 minutes

Screened at: Willunga Waldorf School, 2012, Willunga Spring fair, 2014


Full Film:

Zyklus, A Year In The Life Of Willunga Waldorf School

This is my first feature-length documentary. In 2010, I spent a year filming the slow turn of the seasons at Willunga Waldorf School. I hope that this film will show you what I experienced during that year, and the people I met and the feeling of this place. It is an experimental documentary showing a year in the life of Willunga Waldorf School. It is not intended to be an analysis of Steiner Education, but simply a celebration of a space and its people.

This project was a bit of an experiment for me, and was completely self-funded. I approached the school and asked permission to film for the year, because I felt that the unique culture would be a good topic for my debut project. I had a wonderful year, and spent time with so many fantastic people. A huge thankyou to everyone who helped me, put up with me and encouraged me.

Because it was self-funded, it has repeatedly had to take back seat, and has subsequently taken me three years in total to complete. I wish it had come together sooner, and there are many things I would do differently now, but I am happy with the result.

 A film by Emily McAllan


This is my entry into Sigur Ros’ Valtari Mystery Film Competition. The track I’ve chosen is Rembihnutur.

There is a lot of symbolism in here, (and I won’t try to explain it all, because often, people enjoy their own interpretations best) but the basic concept is the suddenness with which adulthood overwhelms us, and how we can lose the wild parts of ourselves and not even know they are missing.

Child – Ashara Wood
Adult – Sarah wood

Big Thankyous to John, for the use of his beautiful land, and to Evangeline, Greg and Ashton for your assistance. :)

– Em xoxo