Settlement Agreement Press Release

1 The corporate surplus is a non-GAAP financial ratio (see Annex 10 of the press release of 29 July 2019 for a definition). The Trustee had previously entered into an agreement with certain CVR holders (the “Funding Holders”) of 16 November 2016, by which it obtained, under certain conditions, funds for the follow-up of the Action (the “Financing Agreement”). In accordance with the terms of the CVR Agreement and the Financing Agreement, prior to each distribution to all holders of the TRC, all revenues from the process are first included in the reimbursement of the financing holders for their funded amounts, for the expenses of the agent, including attorneys` fees and agent`s fees, as well as for a success fee to the funding holders and the attorney`s counsel, up to more than (a) half of the costs on eventual and the lawyer`s fees incurred, plus the total funding commitment of the funding holders and (b) an amount between 20% and 27% of the gross proceeds of the proceedings, based on the total amount of proceeds of the proceeding (all such fees, expenses and other payments that must be paid on the proceeds of the process in accordance with the Financing Agreement), the “Financing Agreement Payments”). After the payments of the financing agreement, 100% of the remaining revenues of the process are distributed by the agent for the benefit of all CVR holders, in accordance with the CVR agreement. PITTSBURGH, March 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — StarKist Co. announced today that it has entered into a settlement agreement with a large number of plaintiffs in the ongoing anti-dominant cartel proceedings. This settlement agreement resolves the claims of 33 retailers, including Kroger, who were represented in several consolidated complaints. StarKist has reached an agreement with other plaintiffs such as Target, Wal-Mart and Sam`s. Based on the assessment of the risks and possible outcomes, Dow believes that this comparison is the right decision for the company and its shareholders. The settlement agreement provides that Sanofi and applicant UMB Bank, N.A.

(“Applicants” or “Agents”) have agreed, on behalf of an express trust in favour of each of the holders of one or more potential value rights (the “TRC Holders”), to settle the remedy in full and in full, without admitting any liability or fault, the following conditions: The multi-stage roundup resolution™ contains several elements. . . .

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