Title: Amygdala

Type: Game

Role: Artist

Amygdala is the first release from MachineSpirit, a small indie game development company comprised of Ashton McAllan (Director/Code) Sam Morris (Code) and Emily McAllan (Art)

Amygdala is an action platformer that uses dynamically generated levels and a range of wildly different enemies to create a challenging living world to explore.


His body stolen by an angry wizard, an ordinary man must venture into a surreal and magical world. Facing off against a menagerie of foes and a gruelling array of obstacles with his surprising mobility and new-found psychic powers he discovers something important about himself and about god-damned wizards.







To find out more or get yourself a copy of the game, go to amygdala.machinespirit.net!

Title: Á hvaða tungumáli dreymir þig? (What language do you dream in?)

Type: Experimental/Performative Documentary

Role: Director/Camera/Editor

Running Time: 21 mins 31 seconds

Screened at: The Weight of Mountains Film Festival Skagastrond, 2014, The Weight of Mountains Film Festival Sauðárkrókur, 2014, The Weight of Mountains Film Festival Reykjavik, 2014

Synopsis: Emily, a young Australian filmmaker travels to remote northern Iceland to experience the visceral purity of a harsh winter. Her hunt for a reconnection with nature and her own childhood identity leads her to candid discussions with other filmmakers, local residents and at least one soothsayer. Told through the filmmaker’s eyes, this film explores the concept of humanity’s relationship to place and landscape.

From the filmmaker: “I spent three months in a small fishing town on the north coast of Iceland, during their Winter, 2013-2014. This project was part of a filmmaking residency called The Weight Of Mountains, hosted by Nes Artists Residency, Skagastrond. There were 9 other filmmakers taking part and each of us produced a short film on the theme of “the relationship between landscape and humanity.” The finished piece is part documentary, part dreamscape. It is a record of my time in this magical place, and the inner landscapes I traversed while being buffeted by the Icelandic winter. My heartfelt thanks to all who donated to my crowd-funding campaign, and to Carclew Youth Arts for their generous support. Without you I couldn’t have made this journey at all.”

“[The film] expresses the reality of everyday life among the wonders of the awe-inducing Icelandic environment, which is beautifully described as a life where you dream more than you sleep.” – Ben Smick, Reykjavik Grapevine.

Title: Songs From The Deep End

Type: Documentary

Running Time: 53 minutes


What is it that keeps you from chasing your wildest dreams?

Songs From The Deep End is a documentary which follows 13 weeks in the life of Julia Henning, a young South Australian singer/songwriter, as she and her new band prepare for the gig of a lifetime. On September 10th 2012 they make their debut at the Sydney Opera House, one of the most famous performing arts centres in the world. They have just 3 months to write and prepare a whole new set, worthy of this iconic Australian venue. The preparation proves to be an emotional ride, and a poignant reminder of the ups and downs of being a self-employed creative. This is a film about pushing your limits and striving for what you desire, despite the obstacles.

A film by Emily McAllan

Produced by Imagenel in association with Blackwoolholiday Films

For all enquiries, email info@songsfromthedeepend.com

I had an excellent time at AVCon a few weekends ago! Thanks to everyone who came and said hi, and bought shiny things from me! Also, the Blackwoolholiday etsy shop will be re-launched in the next few weeks and will feature lots of new stuff, so stay tuned. :