In Red

Title: In Red

Type: Music Video

Role: Director/Camera/Editor

Running Time: 3 mins 31 seconds

Synopsis: Official music video for Hen‘s track “In Red”

About This Project: This was another project I did with Julia Henning aka Hen. It was a project with a strong queer focus and a playful story. It was filmed over two days with a cast of two (plus some glamorous extras), and a crew of one.

Hen says; “I came out as Bi a few years ago after many years of pretending to myself. Those years of not accepting myself were awful, I wish I’d been able to see representation like this growing up! Maybe it would have helped me to be confident in my whole self a lot earlier. It feels amazing to be able to make something like this with a director like Emily who is also Queer and to be able to put something out there together that I feel is beautiful and positive.”

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