Custody Agreements During Coronavirus Pandemic

Judge Jeffrey Sunshine, a New York family court judge and national matrimonial case coordination judge, offered his perspective as a lawyer, whose counsel should be considered by all parents, regardless of the state in which they reside. Justice Sunshine proposes that the parties reflect on how their behavior will be perceived when this crisis is over? “Simply put, if you behave in a certain way and there`s a judge in the equation, how will a parent behave when I`m no longer involved in their life? With parents who do not comply with court decisions or who do not have self-help orders, lawyers can and should remind them that the actions they are taking today and during this crisis could be decisive or diositive at the time of a judge`s final decision. “Justice underscores the important factor of New York law in giving access to the other parent, and this is a common element in most jurisdictions. He was fired by Amazon about two months ago and tested negative for the coronavirus, but experience has allowed him to consider the risks of exposure. James usually makes the leadership decisions about himself and his partner`s daughter, but the pandemic meant they had to coordinate more. When they disagreed, it was a matter of using public transportation and spending their time separately, but they succeeded without including the courts. Justice Sunshine continues: “If they behave in parenting during a pandemic crisis that we have never seen before, they will shape in the future their relationship with them as divorced parents, the relationship they have with their children and, most importantly, the relationship their children have with them. [if] Parents do not behave appropriately and reasonably, their children will remember how they have acted all their lives, and this is how the judge who will decide the case will act. I listen carefully and remember the children who spoke to me during the hundreds of on-camera interviews I`ve done over the past 21 years. I hope that in the coming years, children will tell me how positively their parents behaved to make sure they were sure they had access through technology, if illness or travel risks prevented access, and that both parents set aside their differences and did it for me. “Compromise and judgment debates are made. Munro, the retired Connecticut judge, risks an idea based on where most parents end up, and says we need to keep another thing in mind: “Normally, not COVID-19, about 85 to 90 percent of parents who separate find ways to establish their differences [without court intervention]. There is no reason to think that these statistics should vary during this public health crisis.┬áMost Shelter-in-Place and similar councillors, which restrict freedom of movement, have established exceptions to allow custody of children.

The Santa Clara County Superior Court issued a communication stating that parents “should follow their educational plan as accurately as possible” during the pandemic and that “the COVID-19 pandemic is not in itself a reason to deny visitation or education time.” 3. ENFORCE COURT DECISIONS AND CUSTODY AGREEMENTS. Commuters are also encouraged to adapt, where possible, their commuter plan to reduce crowds at peak times. . . .

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