Cfpb Cardholder Agreement Database

Find your credit card agreement by checking the CFPB database to learn more about the special protection of your card. The agreements also cover the fees, functions, conditions of your credit card. You can find more information in a sample credit card agreement. In accordance with the CARD Act and TILA, the office collects various information from card issuers. The office collects quarterly credit card agreements from card issuers. [79] The Bureau publishes the agreements on its website in the credit card agreement database. [80] In addition, the Bureau collects and publishes annually data on credit card sales agreements and marketing agreements entered into by credit card issuers with higher education institutions, universities and their associated enterprises, as well as the number of cards covered by these agreements and the amount of payments made by issuers under these agreements. [81] The Bureau also collects semi-annual information from certain card issuers as part of its investigation into the terms of credit card plans (PAREs) and publishes it on its website. [82] These data show the characteristics of the most frequently held (modal) credit card for issuers reporting this information. Other data collected previously include the credit card database, which displays account-level monthly aggregates for credit cards from several major issuers, and surveys of multiple credit card issuers, including questions related to card application and authorization, digital account maintenance, deferred interest and credit. [83] Other data similar to these monthly aggregates at the account level are also communicated to the Bureau through statements of intent (MOUs) with other banking supervisors. The reports also discuss new developments and innovations in the credit card market since the CARD Act came into force. The following section specifies: (1) credit card agreements; (2) use of digital account management platforms; (3) new fixed payment functions are proposed; and (4) monthly payment payments by credit card.

The CFPB does not need to create the database, she acknowledged. But given the value of the information, “it would have been nice” for the agency to publish it more, Saunders said. . . .

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