This is an art piece I did for the poster of the 2013 Pass – It – On Exhibition at Hotel Wright Street.

The concept for this annual exhibition is a game of “chinese whispers” played with a group of artists specialising in different mediums. The first in line is given a one word brief, and passes their finished art piece on to the next artist with no explanation, and so it continues. The final artist in the series often ends up with a concept which is wildly different from the original one word brief!

Last year I completed a 12 month contract as Artist in Residence at Aldinga Rhylyn Medical. I spend all of last year (and a little bit of this year) making large scale paintings for their newly renovated building. The staff wanted coastal scenes, as the clinic is quite close to the beach at Port Willunga. Many of the staff members nominated their favourite beach, and (with the aid of google maps,) I went forth and explored these distant shores!! I also created two 360 degree photographic panoramas for the glass wall in the waiting room. The year was very enjoyable, but now I’m looking forward to making smaller works again, and in my usual more narrative style. Thanks to Rhylyn for the amazing job opportunity!



The paintings in their new home!


 Port Willunga 360 degrees, 7am and 6pm


Blackpool, UK


Cathedral Cove, NZ


Devon, UK


Ios, Greece


Isle of Pines, New Caledonia


Killoran Bay, Isle of Collonsay, Outer Hebrides


Port Willunga, SA


Waiheke Island, NZ


Whitsundays, QLD

– Em xoxo

3am Floor paintings are a thing.

Its when I have been awake late, usually due to some kind of minor emotional turmoil, and I decide that what I really need to do is paint, and the table is already covered in art stuff, so I chuck some newspaper down and a canvas and just start painting, without any pre-design. Sometimes, the results are confused, sometimes  they are surprisingly emotive.

The Gate Was Locked Without My Permission

Philosophy On A Tahitian Beach

Bear and I