So as one does when travelling, I decided on a whim to stay on the train late one afternoon and visit Nijo castle, as it was on the same subway route. I got there around 3:30 in the afternoon, which allowed an hour and a half before closing time to wander around and take in the gardens.






I noticed a whole lot of people running about in big red raincoats, and worked out that there was an art event on in the evening, after closing time, so I got in line and bought a ticket. The installation was called “Art Aquarium Castle” by the artist Hidetomo Kimura. It was all these really interesting glass sculptures filled with water and koi fish. He’s been making similar installations all over the world. There’s a website here if you want to see more about it. Definitely worth it, the atmosphere was so magical. There was some really good music playing and a beautiful vanilla-incense kind of smell.









Such a good way to see the castle!

– Emily

Last week I was fortunate enough to be part of the first ever Little berry Vintage and Artisan Market at Rosemount Estate, McLaren Vale. I was thoroughly impressed by the set up, decoration, attention to detail and the quality of the products being sold there! It was like a little piece of city culture in the vines! Also, I met a whole bunch of lovely people who were great fun to chill with for the weekend. Here are a few snapshots of the beautiful cellar room market!











7982 Little Berry A3 Poster V03


The Little Berry Market will be on again in the second week of July. I won’t be present, as I will be selling my wares at AVCon. But you should go along and check out some of the beautiful stuff  on offer!


– Em xoxo

As you may or may not know, I am currently the coordinator for the Willunga Artisan’s Market, a little collective of creatives and makers who strut our stuff once a month in the old show hall at Willunga. Our last market of the year was a colourful affair, here’s a few snippets!

Soy wax candles by Natasha Luke. These things smell amazing. I am pretty fussy about candles, I don’t like it if the fragrance smells fake, but these are just beautiful, the only candles I use!

Adorable Christmas cards by the very talented and all-round lovely Mary Pulford!

A stunning piece by our resident silversmith Melissa Puust. This woman also made our wonderful wedding rings!

More from Melissa!

Margaret hard at work :)

New laser cut maple brooches from Blackwoolholiday! (will be available on the etsy store in 2013)

One of three absolutely mind-blowing creations from Kim Thompson, this is entirely hand cut and assembled from 100% recycled saucepan lids!! Better yet, it moves and swivels and changes! Kim’s stuff never ceases to amaze and delight me.

This is just a small selection of the artisan’s who exhibit regularly at WAM, for more, stay tuned, or better yet, come visit us! 2nd Saturday of every month!

So, a couple of weeks ago, Ash and I finally got married, like real grown-ups!

The day was unbelievably perfect in every way. Largely due to the help of many dear and talented friends and relatives. So many wonderful people were involved in the creation of this magical day, I’ll do my best to credit them all, but I will undoubtedly forget someone! Please know how grateful we are to everyone who helped make it happen. We love you we love you we love you we love you.

Firstly, this is a close-up of the phenomenally beautiful dress made for me by Scott Bowring. It is raw silk, I cannot begin to describe the level of detail and work that went into this masterpiece, I just felt amazing in it, and it was SO comfortable. (Photograph by Julia Henning)

This is Ash’s gorgeous tie, made as a custom order by the lovely folks at and his three piece herringbone tweed suit!(Photograph by Eliza Bentley)

A hugandous thankyou must be given to my mother, who among other feats, virtually single-handedly organised a rustic autumnal feast for 80 people!! It was so delicious and nourishing, and everyone had their fill. There was crusty bread and big wheels of cheese, pickled vegetables, cold roast meats, dried fruit, an array of tiny quiches made by Ashton’s lovely relatives! It was wonderful! Also, the necklace I wore is mum’s, and it was my “borrowed thing”. Thankyou mum for being so helpful and enthusiastic. It was good to know that you were happy to do wedding plans at anytime!  (Photograph by Julia Henning)

This is the car that Marty generously lent to Ash and Cam, all decked out in purple ribbon! We felt like royalty in these vehicles! It was so special. Thankyou to Ken for driving me and Ellen, and for being so jolly! (Photograph by Eliza Bentley)

All the decorations were put up at 7am by the heroic team of Annie, El, Sarah, Lloyd, Evangeline, Ken, Marie, Ian and Beth. Thankyou for arriving in the cold, dark fogginess, getting ready with no electricity, and for arranging everything PERFECTLY. (Photograph by Julia Henning)

The hut was filled with hanging white paper cranes, made by Evangeline. Thankyou so much. (Photograph by Simon Bannister)

(Photograph by Annie Johns)

Annie also put together the beautiful wedding favours, little packets of sunflower seeds, grown in Mum’s garden. She hung them all up on a piece of string across the room and the guests came along and found the one with their name on it. (Photograph by Annie Johns)

The forest was so tranquil and crisp, and perfectly still. The music written for us by my Dad drifted through the trees, giving everything a feeling of excitement and anticipation. (Photograph by Simon Bannister)

Ellen and Cam heralded us by scattering (or in Cam’s case, weaponising) rose petals. (Photograph by Simon Bannister)

Did I mention we were married by a Jedi? Well, almost, it’s Ziggy Smith, our gorgeously caring and sunny celebrant. She is a hero, we absolutely couldn’t have found anyone better. Also, cheers to Steve and Cathren for the outfit! :) (Photograph by Julia Henning)

“You may now kiss your groom”  (Photograph by Eliza Bentley)

(Photograph by Annie Johns)

(Photograph by Eliza Bentley)

These are the mindblowingly detailed and delicious cakes made by my dearest friend and Maid of Honour, Ellen. She just put so much effort into these, and it showed. Everyone was gobsmacked. Half the small cakes were violet/chocolate, and the other half orange/chocolate. The main cake was multilayered  with chocolate and violet cream and there were berries and hand painted, gold-leaf-encrusted autumn leaves over everything. Ellen, I love you, you are amazing. (Photograph by Annie Johns)

(Photograph by Annie Johns)

Also among the feats achieved by Annie is the flowers. She carefully collected buckets of flowers and leaves from my mother’s house at dusk on Saturday night, and arranged them in a plethora of little glass jars and bottles. The end result looked so Autumnal and wild, it was gorgeous. (Photograph by Simon Bannister)

My wonderful (and very dapper!) Father, who not only funded the whole day, but also helped out with so many things, even while away working in Brisbane! He also wrote an amazingly beautiful piece of music for the opening of the ceremony, which perfectly captured the whole day, setting, and the relationship that Ash and I share! He knows us so well! (Photograph by Julia Henning)

This is Julia, Eli, Nick and Lachy performing a series of fantasticly adapted songs for us (which they prepared with only two weeks notice, I might add!) We all laughed hysterically at Skullcrusher Mountain by Johnathan Coulton,  had tears in our eyes for In my mind by Amanda Palmer, giggled at the hilarious and in-joke nature of the song they wrote for us, and I jumped around like a hysterically happy thing during Horchata by Vampire Weekend.

These. Guys. Are. Wonderful. (Photograph by Catherine Scholz)

A demonstration of our madly joyful “dancing” (Photograph by Catherine Scholz)

This is Ash posing thoughtfully in front of his Dad’s 1924 Dodge, which I was lucky enough to be driven in! I love this car so so much. (Photograph by Catherine Scholz)

(Photograph by Eliza Bentley)

We also had a photo booth set up. There is no way I can post even a fraction of the hilarious, poignant, lovely, cute, and terrifying pictures people took with this. We looked at them later that night, tucked up in our Hahndorf  B&B, and we absolutely laughed ourselves silly. Thankyou everyone so so much.

Me and my lovely wife. (Photograph by Julia Henning)

“On to Adventure!!” (Photograph by Julia Henning)

(Photograph by Julia Henning)

I also wanted to thank all the hugely talented photographers, who gave their time and skills and produced innumerable precious pieces of that magic day. For the full album of photos, go to

Lastly, thankyou to everyone who came and shared the celebration with us, we couldn’t have enjoyed it more, and it was so so wonderful to be able to experience it with our dearest friends and relatives.


Much love Em and Ash

Last week the Tour Down Under came through McLaren Vale. I spent a lovely day with Sarah and Jess, as a “bridesmaids day” for Sarah. Sadly, we were missing Mel, the third bridesmaid, who had to work. Hopefully next time we will all be able to hang out together!



This is the basket of garden produce that I took to Sarah. Also a sunflower! It was quite tricky to secure it all to the bike. I need a handlebar basket.


There was a bicycle decorating competition in the morning, the idea was to make your bike purple to represent the colour of McLaren Vale Shiraz.


This is the lady that Sarah and Jess made to ride Sarah’s old orange tricycle.










Two very wonderful friends of mine recently announced their engagement, and it goes without saying that we are all very pleased. Last week, they held a celebration in Botanic Park. It was a gorgeous and serene day, filled with leaf-light, shared thoughts and of course, the delicious food that comes with anything Simon and Jess do.








We had a baby kookaburra friend, who hung around the party and watched the proceedings with great interest.


These “red velvet” chocolate cupcakes were absolutely fantastic.







Jess looked beautiful and fiery in her red dress and these gorgeous stockings.




I love this photo of Lisa and Ryan, their gestures are so relaxed and gentle.


This is Jimmy, he’s rad. I only ever see him at parties held by mutual friends, but he is always good for long, semi philosophical chats.



Congratulations you beautiful creatures.

– em xoxo

We spent a lovely New Years Eve with the Doujo crowd, Eli, Julia and Nick were of course excellent hosts. They even let us throw water bombs at them!







“Oh no Pinata!! You are doomed!”


“I don’t always drink beer…”


“Its okay man, don’t worry, not everything is dead, look at my shiny shiny shirt, and all will be well.”








Happy New Year!!

– em xoxo

We spent most of boxing day at Kym and Sharon’s place. It was a very peaceful and lovely afternoon.









In the evening, we went back to Cam’s place, and I wandered around, doing some tidying and re-arranging. I think it will be a good house. Already it is starting to take on some of Cam’s personality, and ours.






Still at least one more Christmas to go! (My cousin’s place for New Years Day!)

– em

Christmas. It was rad. Here are some photos to prove it.



Mum won “best wrapping theme” this year, with her white, gold and pink partridges in pear trees! I was gifted dumbo feather and frankie subscriptions from Dad, and some lovely house items from Mum, including a picnic blanket, some teatowels, and a cinnamon wood trivet.




Christmas dinner was at Cam’s place (soon to be our place for a few months!) We all had a very chilled out evening. We watched a movie, went for a walk and exchanged presents. I was given a new 50mm lens! So happy!


Ash putting together his 6 in 1 solar kit.











– em xoxo