Title: Amygdala

Type: Game

Role: Artist

Amygdala is the first release from MachineSpirit, a small indie game development company comprised of Ashton McAllan (Director/Code) Sam Morris (Code) and Emily McAllan (Art)

Amygdala is an action platformer that uses dynamically generated levels and a range of wildly different enemies to create a challenging living world to explore.


His body stolen by an angry wizard, an ordinary man must venture into a surreal and magical world. Facing off against a menagerie of foes and a gruelling array of obstacles with his surprising mobility and new-found psychic powers he discovers something important about himself and about god-damned wizards.







To find out more or get yourself a copy of the game, go to amygdala.machinespirit.net!



This is an art piece I did for the poster of the 2013 Pass – It – On Exhibition at Hotel Wright Street.

The concept for this annual exhibition is a game of “chinese whispers” played with a group of artists specialising in different mediums. The first in line is given a one word brief, and passes their finished art piece on to the next artist with no explanation, and so it continues. The final artist in the series often ends up with a concept which is wildly different from the original one word brief!

Type: Logo and Label Design

Client: Smiling Samoyed Brewery

Date: 2013

About: I had great fun with this design for the Smiling Samoyed Brewery in Myponga, it was my first time designing packaging and I found it really satisfying to see this in print and on a physical object on shelves! Would love to do more of this sort of thing in the future.