Title: Zyklus, A year in the life of Willunga Waldorf School

Type: Documentary

Running Time: 52 minutes

Screened at: Willunga Waldorf School, 2012, Willunga Spring fair, 2014


Full Film:

Zyklus, A Year In The Life Of Willunga Waldorf School

This is my first feature-length documentary. In 2010, I spent a year filming the slow turn of the seasons at Willunga Waldorf School. I hope that this film will show you what I experienced during that year, and the people I met and the feeling of this place. It is an experimental documentary showing a year in the life of Willunga Waldorf School. It is not intended to be an analysis of Steiner Education, but simply a celebration of a space and its people.

This project was a bit of an experiment for me, and was completely self-funded. I approached the school and asked permission to film for the year, because I felt that the unique culture would be a good topic for my debut project. I had a wonderful year, and spent time with so many fantastic people. A huge thankyou to everyone who helped me, put up with me and encouraged me.

Because it was self-funded, it has repeatedly had to take back seat, and has subsequently taken me three years in total to complete. I wish it had come together sooner, and there are many things I would do differently now, but I am happy with the result.

 A film by Emily McAllan