Photo Credits: Izzy Gramp and Sarah Fletcher


Emily McAllan is a Filmmaker, an Artist, and a Photographer.

She specialises in working as a solo-filmmaker to create minimal intervention documentaries and has experience working as a Director, Cameraperson/D.O.P and an Editor. Observational Documentary is her passion. She also often takes on a variety of production roles in projects such as short fiction films, and pieces for corporate and nonprofit groups.

Her photography work is largely nature, portrait and event based, and she delights in capturing the rich textures and emotions of a subject or space.

Emily is also a big old nerd and very involved in gaming and tabletop roleplaying game circles, and does a lot of commission work for folks who are creating content within these mediums.

Recurring themes in Emily’s work include memory, the strangeness of
adulthood, seasonal cycles, and the impact of Place. Emily is also passionate
about issues affecting LGBTIQA+ communities.


Cinematography Show Reel: