Are Learning Agreements Enforceable

Agreements to reimburse training costs to your employer are valid and enforceable. Therefore, if you have agreed to reimburse your employer, if you resign, you must do so. In the context of the contractual freedom of the economic parties, depreciation clauses are in principle possible within the framework of or in addition to an employment contract as long as the principles of fairness and adequacy set out in civil law are not violated. However, given the power imbalance between employers and workers, the possible scope of depreciation clauses is generally limited by formal provisions of different types, including labour laws, decisions of competent courts (in particular labour courts) or collective agreements binding at sectoral or regional level (Note: most labour laws allow changes to sectoral rules through collective agreements or on: Enterprise level). if the conditions for workers are more favourable than those laid down in national legislation). In some cases, employers try to cover the costs of “on-the-job” training, making it much more difficult for them to quantify the cost.

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