Journeying to the Snow at Falls Creek

Before I left for Europe, I had another small adventure, when I was invited to go with up to the snow at Falls Creek, Victoria, to visit some friends who were working there. It was my first time seeing snow, and for someone who claims a love of hot weather above all else, I was unexpectedly affected by the place. There is something cleansing about snow, not gentle or even safe, but cleansing like having your insides scrubbed till they gleam. The other thing I learned about snow is that when the wind stops, the landscape has a particular stillness about it that is unlike anything I have experienced before. The silence of a snowy forest or hillside is so perfect and complete, you can hear a branch move 100 meters away. It is strangely unsettling.

I spent 5 days exploring, photographing and thinking, and came back with my head a little bit re-arranged.

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Can’t wait to see snow again.

– Em xoxo