Europe Part Thirty Two


Just a quick entry today, to show our day in Rome. It was possibly the most surreal (for want of a better word) experience of the whole trip for me. I actually like this city more than I thought I might. The sense of history is so overwhelming in some places, I had to take things pretty slow, so that my brain had time to comprehend what I was seeing.

We explored the ruins and terrace gardens of the roman forum, which was like a massive, multi-level park, but with absurdly old structures all through it! People had taken picnics with them, and everyone was just wandering around and chilling out. It was wonderful, it felt like the most awesome adventury garden ever!!

After that, we went to the colosseum. That was pretty much as bizarre and “surreal” as you would expect it to be.

Here is just a few of the best images from today.

Oh, and this is probably going to be the last entry for this trip, as we leave for home tomorrow! We go via Hong Kong again, so I’ll probably take some more pictures, and maybe I’ll post some once I get back. Thankyou all very much for reading and leaving comments, we have really loved sharing our adventures with you! See you all soon!

There were so many of these amazing pine trees!

I LOVE these trees!!

There it is. Absolutely bizarre…

I couldn’t get over the idea of how many other people had stood here. I could have stayed there for hours meditating over the concept.

I loved these windows just opening onto sky.