Europe Part Five

Today was our last day in Dublin city, we leave bright and early tomorrow for our driving adventure to Ballyvaughn! We had a leisurely wander around the central shopping/restaurant district, and through two photographic galleries. The first was the national photographic archive, which had an interesting exhibition of 1890s photographs of privileged Irish families and their lands, houses and servants. The second was the photographic museum, which was more contemporary work. This we found less interesting, but still worth the browse.

We had a very nice lunch in “the Larder”. I finally got to have my Irish stew! Dad had pasta with chicken, chorizo and rocket. After consuming this, we maneuvered our very full selves around a few more shops, including the very charming and tweed-tastic “Kevin & Howlin” where I got myself a rather dashing hat, bought from a friendly tweed-clad old Irishman.

We also looked around Kilkenny, which was a shop specializing in irish designed clothing, homewares and gifts.

Had a small dinner, served by an incredibly awkward but endearing Belgian waiter, who didn’t seem to have any idea what was on the menu, but we didn’t really mind cause he was cute.

Eating our way through our stash of chocolate now, and re-packing our gear. Looking forward to an exciting early start tomorrow!

(ps. The first picture is of the spire, an absolutely mind-boggling structure/monument/sculpture near our apartment, this is the best picture I’ve got of it so far but none of my photos really do it justice, it is just ridiculously tall.)

(pps the room with the domed green ceiling is part of trinity college, where we also wandered today.)