Title: Hvaða tungumál þig dreymir í? (What language do you dream in?)

Type: Performative Documentary

Running Time: 22 minutes

Screened at: The Weight of Mountains Film Festival Skagastrond, 2014, The Weight of Mountains Film Festival Reykjavik, 2014

I spent three months in a small fishing town on the north coast of Iceland, during their Winter, 2013-2014. This project was part of a filmmaking residency called The Weight Of Mountains, hosted by Nes Artists Residency, Skagastrond. There were 9 other filmmakers taking part and each of us produced a short film on the theme of “the relationship between landscape and humanity.” In order to attend residency, I ran a crowdfunding campaign, which was a great success, thanks to all the generous people who donated to the project. I was also given a grant by Carclew Youth Arts.

The finished piece is part documentary, part dreamscape. It is a record of my time in this magical place, and the inner landscapes I traversed while being buffeted by the Icelandic winter.

“[The film] expresses the reality of everyday life among the wonders of the awe-inducing Icelandic environment, which is beautifully described as a life where you dream more than you sleep.” – Ben Smick, Reykjavik Grapevine.


Title: Songs From The Deep End

Type: Documentary

Running Time: 53 minutes


What is it that keeps you from chasing your wildest dreams?

Songs From The Deep End is a documentary which follows 13 weeks in the life of Julia Henning, a young South Australian singer/songwriter, as she and her new band prepare for the gig of a lifetime. On September 10th 2012 they make their debut at the Sydney Opera House, one of the most famous performing arts centres in the world. They have just 3 months to write and prepare a whole new set, worthy of this iconic Australian venue. The preparation proves to be an emotional ride, and a poignant reminder of the ups and downs of being a self-employed creative. This is a film about pushing your limits and striving for what you desire, despite the obstacles.

A film by Emily McAllan

Produced by Imagenel in association with Blackwoolholiday Films

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As you have no doubt noticed, there has been a period of silence on my end, due to the extreme pressure of our festival deadline! We have all been working madly to finishe editing and shooting last minute bits and pieces, and there has been many late nights and cups of coffee and naps on couches. BUT! We made our deadline, and the Skagastrond screening has been a fantastic success!

Friday 21st February

The festival officially opened on Friday night with a lovely intimate gathering at the Cafe. We all had drinks and chatted and relaxed for the first time in weeks. There was also a screening of all 8 of my completed Film Letters, which received a great response!


Saturday 22nd February

The day began with an afternoon screening at the local town hall, of Oz the Great and Powerful for the local kids. There was an abundance of popcorn and soft drinks and comfy floor cushions! A good number of the kids turned up and had a great time, which was really wonderful to see.

164A3236SKids Screening


Many of us sat out in the sun-filled foyer and did absolutely nothing for the afternoon, which was bliss.




Doing absolutely nothing


Morgan’s “Actor-face”


Melody and Tim being wonderful children in front of the TWOM logo.

Saturday evening was the main event, with all of our films screening together (both completed and polished works-in-progress). The turn out was more than we could have hoped for, the room was packed, and there were people there we had never even spoken to before! Each of us gave a brief introduction to our piece, and at the end we all stood up to take a bow and to our delight and surprise, recieved a standing ovation! After the screening, many of the guests stayed to have coffee and cake and chat with us. I was assured by a number of people that my Icelandic was indeed understandable, and that they admired my courage. It was a pretty nerve-wracking experience, showing my film to native speakers!

We will be showing our films again in Reykjavik this coming Friday, which is a very exciting prospect!

-Em xoxo


So I accompanied Melody and Rachel to Reykjavik again last week, to spend the day there and to see Phillip Glass perform at Harpa.

While I was there, I got myself a shiny new lens, which I absolutely love! It is a 70mm – 300mm, so it is can get super close. I had such a fun time wandering about the city, taking photos of all the tiny details I wouldn’t usually be able to capture. I only got a few weird looks for hanging about taking photos of people’s windows…




I love the colours of Reykjavik, and the textures.



This is part of an epic mural on a two story house, which, unfortunately,

I could not capture with my shiny new lens, as it was too long…oops.




This cat was hiding from another older grey cat, and trying to sneak in through the grey cat’s

catflap when he wasn’t paying attention. I stayed and watched their antics for a little

while, this one reminded me a bit of my housemate’s cat at home.






Pretty much every house I looked into (they aren’t big on curtains in Iceland) looked like a wonderfully quirky,

cosy place that I would quite happily inhabit. So many awesome houses must mean an abundance of awesome people!








Then I got to see the inside of one of these beautiful buildings!

This is Adda’s house, a friend of Melody’s. We visited her and her daughter Ronja for dinner before the concert.

They were both so lovely and really interesting, self-confident people, and it was such a treat to spend

some time in their home. Look at all this cool old stuff!


Stay tuned for the further adventures of Emily and the rad new lens!

– Em xoxo